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  • Horse Betting

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    Watch the ball falling back and forth between the players to land into your fortune. Make sure you bet high on your favorite team.

  • EGMs

    Bet on the results generated by the machines that have spinning reels to inscribe luck on your payout.


More Gambling Forms

Card Games

Pay attention to the shuffling spades and hearts and see through the opponents to win all the coins on the table.

Table Games

Of the galore of table games available, poker and blackjack are the all-time favorites. Get your hand and start betting.


Put your money into the pot for the rolling dice to make up a sum in your favor. Wait till the dots on the cube surprise you.

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From Our Blog

Gambling in Japan


Japan is well known for its technological inventions and their constant efforts to keep themselves up to date with the recent innovations and technological creations. Despite being a developed country, they lack short on gambling rules and regulations. Although casino gambling is strictly prohibited in the county, it is famous for other gambling activities that support both the economy and the government of the country. The government has introduced and allowed certain gambling activities that have not only been a sport and entertainment to the citizens but also drive in tourism. Let’s check them out!



Lottery gambling is a favourite pastime of the Japanese and is generally held in larger cities, almost throughout the year. They also offer three forms, to keep the versatility up

  • Unique number lotteries
  • Selected number lotteries
  • Scratch cards

Every lottery ticket is at affordable prices and costs about 1—to 500 yen, but if it’s one day, it can win them up to 100 million or more. Lottery gambling is traditionally called Takarakuji, and the tickets are available in the booths centers across the city.


It is an activity that is very similar to gambling, but obviously without money. If you remember the pinball game, then pachinko is a combined version of the pinball and the slot machines. Pachinko parlours are available everything across the entire county, with bright, attractive and decorative lights and music. Since you cannot gamble with real money, often people exchange their wins for grocery, silver, cigarettes and many more. However, you can indirectly win money by selling these items to the nearest shop or an interested person.

Sports Shinko Kuji

It is a  form of gambling activity which allows people to bet on soccer matches. It is also called as ‘toto’ in their traditional language, which allows the user to bet on either the outcome of the match or the scores of individual teams. Initially, there was a lot of opposition from the government and the government-related authorities regarding the activity. However, it gradually started attaining popularity in 2001.


Mahajan or popularly known as Mahjong, although not officially considered gambling, many of them presume it to be one because it involves betting when people play it. Although there are no places exclusively meant of playing this game, it is still possible to book a place or play at the comfort of your home. However, the Japanese recommend playing at a public place as the game makes loud noises while mixing the tiles.


Illegal gambling

A mob or a group of people called the yakuza, Is known for operating illegal gambling activities, as well as casinos in the country. It is known that the Yakuznas collects money from people for various activities like playing the Mahjong. They’ve also indulged in mobile gambling sites through online casinos, so much that they can even play rock-paper-scissors and win money. However, in 2010, the owner of these mobile sites was arrested when he confessed of making $1 million through illegal gambling on these sites.